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New Condo

Liberty Market Tower CLIENT’S INCENTIVES DEVELOPMENT CHARGES AND LEVIES CAPPED AT $0 (Value of approx. $62,500) $10,000 CREDIT ON ALL 3 BEDROOMS   FREE FAMILY ASSIGNMENT* (Value of $3,000, as per Para 48 of Schedule G.)   FREE THIRD PARTY ASSIGNMENT* (Value of $5,000)   FREE LOCKER (Value of $6,500) ...

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Tips to Light Your Living Room

Make sure the lighting in your home has a positive impact on the health of your family                                                                   ...

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Tips for Buying a Resale Condominium

Find out exactly where your unit’s boundaries lie and if your unit factor is reasonable. Hire a home inspector to evaluate the condition of the individual unit you are thinking of buying, as well as the building as a whole. Consult the condominium’s technical audit (a building-wide inspection) and/or reserve fund study, if ...

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